Carly Pearce And Ashley McBryde Team Up For Heavy “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” Music Video

Nick Rau

Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde are an absolute powerhouse duo.

We all know that they have two of the best voices in country music right now, but they have some serious acting chops, too.

They just released a new music for their good old fashioned cheatin’ song “Never Wanted To Be That Girl”, and it’s one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

It feels like less and less artists put much time and attention into producing a high quality music video that tells a real story that goes along with the song. Aside from Luke Combs and Koe Wetzel, who always put out great videos, I miss when there was a lot of effort put into making them something people actually wanted to watch.

I mean, I remember watching hours of country music videos on TV growing up, and I was always so fascinated by the good ones that felt more like watching a 3-minute movie… and this new one from Ashley and Carly is just that.

According to Carly, they made a strategic decision to direct the emotions inward:

“What’s interesting about this song is we could have gone to a place of blame on the others in the love triangle, but we turned it inward. It’s unique that two women who never meet are getting burned by the same man and having the exact same feelings.

We intentionally kept the chorus the same to reflect that neither wanted to be in this position.”

Ashley McBryde adds:
“So many of us know how it is when you go back and start putting all of those pieces together. That moment when you realize the gut punch of the situation.

This song isn’t really about being the other woman or even being messed around on as much as it’s about these two people who are exhibiting behaviors they normally wouldn’t – checking text messages, making excuses for why their dates are only on Tuesdays – and realizing it’s all because of the same person.”

You see the story of the two women who are both unaware that they’re being cheated with or on by the same guy, and as time goes on, eventually figure out that the man they thought they were in love with is being unfaithful.

It also flashes back to each of them as little girls who never dreamed of something like this happening to them, and shows a young Carly watching her parents fight as her feelings and memories from all that come flooding back, as she finds herself in a similar situation to her mom as an adult now.

At one point in the video, you even see Ashley bawling with tears streaming down her face, and I’m really impressed with how good she was in this video. Not that I’m surprised one bit, but I have to say, I really hope we get a lot more from the two of them as a duo in the future.

It’s heavy, but it’s real life. If you want to have your heart broken this morning, check it out:

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