Luke Combs Drops New Music Video For Current Single “Cold As You”

Luke Combs just dropped a new music video for his current single, “Cold As You”.

It’s actually a follow-up to the video from his first #1 smash hit, “Hurricane”. He even got the same actors back to help him out with this new one almost five whole years later, which is pretty cool.

Per the usual, and similar to Koe Wetzel, it’s a super high quality, well-done production that goes right along with the song.

“Cold As You” is from Luke’s 2019 record What You See Is What You Get, and appears to be the sixth and final single from that album before new music is released soon. In all likelihood, it will also be his 12th straight #1 single.

Just four days ago, he posted a photo with the caption:

“Who’s ready for some NEW MUSIC?”

In the post he recently shared announcing that the video was officially out, he mentioned himself that there were plenty of hints and “easter eggs” relating back to the first video:

“The ‘Cold As You’ music video is out now! Lots of easter eggs in this one. Check it out via the link in my bio and let me know what y’all think!”

The “Hurricane” video ends with the girl rejecting a proposal and running away, and here, we start off with the same heartbroken guy in a diner who still doesn’t seem quite over the breakup. Of course, the girl comes walking through the door to see a different guy, which inevitably makes things even worse.

The waitress gives the ex a coin for the jukebox that actually opens the door to a secret bar called Whiskey River (not to be confused with Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s bar of the same name), where he can dance the night away with any girl he wants in an effort to help ease the pain.

That diner is actually called Troy’s 105 Diner, and it’s in Luke’s college town of Boone, North Carolina, if you ever pass through the area and want to check it out. As far as I know, there’s not actually a secret bar in there (sorry).

Ultimately, though, the guy does find somebody new…

But, you’ll have to check the video out for yourself to see if you can spot any of the “easter eggs” and see how it ends:


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock