Travis Tritt Announces 2022 Solo Acoustic Tour, Will Exclusively Play In Venues Without COVID Mandates

Travis Tritt country music

Travis Tritt is putting his money where his mouth is.

It’s no secret at this point how he feels about COVID mandates at concert venues, either.

He’s spoken out against the mandates multiple times, and just last month, he canceled all the shows on his schedule that were at a venue where a COVID vaccine or negative test were required to attend.

Since then, he’s doubled down on the decision, along with appearing on FOX News to explain why he made this call and his belief that the mandates are only about fear and division, telling Tucker Carlson he’s had enough:

“This is not about following the science or trying to look out for the safety of the people there, this is about something else.

This is trying to divide people, this is trying to shame people, this is basically trying to discriminate against people that they don’t feel are clean enough to be a part of enjoying a concert like that.”

And just today, he announced a solo acoustic tour starting in January of 2022 that will take place in venues that do not require any sort of COVID mandates, like proof of vaccination or a negative test that many venues and large promoters have started to require for attendees:

“JUST ANNOUNCED: The Travis Tritt Solo Acoustic Tour 2022.

Most dates on sale Friday, November 5, 2021.”

Though he’s not covering a wide range of states as of right now, it’s possible he could add more dates if (and that’s a big “if”) he can find additional venues that drop their mandate requirements as we head into the new year:

A native of Marietta, Georgia, Travis recently sang the national anthem at Atlanta Braves game amidst all the controversy from his statements and decisions, along with thanking them for not “caving to the pressure” and finding someone else to sing it after the organization received some pushback for hosting him:

Tickets for most shows go on sale this Friday.


1/13/22 Jackson, TN- Carl Perkins Civic Center
1/15/22 Birmingham, AL- Albama Theatre
1/17/22 Alexandria, VA- The Birchmere
1/18/22 Alexandria, VA- The Birchmere
1/19/22 Tififn, OH- The Ritz Theatre
1/22/22 Myrtle Beach, SC- The Carolina Opry
1/23/22 Virginia Beach, VA- Sandler Center for the Performing Arts
2/11/22 Baton Rouge, LA- L’Auberge Casino & Hotel
2/12/22 Waco, TX- Waco Hippodrome Theater
2/13/22 Beaumont, TX- Jefferson Theatre
2/16/22 Spartanburg, SC- Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium
2/18/22 Mt. Vernon, KY- Renfro Valley Entertainment Center
2/19/22 Mt. Vernon, KY- Renfro Valley Entertainment Center
2/20/22 Lorain, OH- Lorain Palace Theater
2/27/22 Wilkes Barre, PA- FM Kirby Center
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