Bishop Gunn’s “Alabama” Music Video Is About As Creepy As A Music Video Gets

I’m the first to admit it, I am not a fan of anything scary.

Movies, haunted houses, those places where you walk through cornfields while those creeps grab at your legs, yeah all of that’s a no from me…

But sometimes, something is so well done I can look past the scary to appreciate the greatness.

The music video for Bishop Gunn’s “Alabama” is one of those things.

Bishop Gunn, although sadly on a hiatus, is one of the best Southern Rock bands out there today. They came out with an album earlier this year which was basically a collection of songs they had recorded and planned on releasing at sometime, but given their indefinite break, decided to just put what they had out for the fans that were begging for it.

But before that, they put together a HECK of a music video for the dark, swampy “Alabama” and it’ll get your heart racing. None other than comedian Theo Von stars as the lead, and even though Theo is one of the funniest people on the planet, he really bought into this role.

I won’t give anything away, just give is a watch.

But I do have to say, view digression is advised… it’ll give you the willies.

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A beer bottle on a dock