Bishop Gunn Releases New Album, ‘Gypsy Cadillac,’ Still No Word On Comeback

Just when they were taking off, they were pushed right back down.

Bishop Gunn was poised for stardom after the success of their debut album Natchez in 2018, which included their two biggest hits to date in “Shine” and “Alabama”but unfortunately was plagued by internal issues which caused the band to “suspend all future activity,” surprising most fans and leaving them with an unfinished feeling.

It was known the band had recorded a new album before their breakup in February 2020, and, with the helpful begging of their crazily loyal fanbase, we now get to hear the last songs the band recorded before their impromptu hiatus.

Titled Gypsy Cadillac, the record has the southern, swampy sound that put them an the map, with at times a flair of funk mixed in. Travis McCreedy’s vocals show both impressive range and unmatched soul and the lyrics are amplified by the passion he puts behind them.

While it didn’t fully capture me the way Natchez did, this is a top notch record that deserves more praise than it’s going to get.

So far, there has been no further announcements regarding the bands future, but it has the feeling this is the last album that will be released by these guys for quite some time, which is extremely sad. They had that “It” factor so many artists are missing and the southern rock edge to the music is sorely missed in most country music today.

I wish you well, BG, but I do hope you make a comeback…

“Nothing To Lose”

“Sadder Days”

“Black Train”

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