Ken Jeong Sends Wife Hilarious Shoutout On College Gameday: “You Complete Me Ho”

Ken Jeong college gameday

College Gameday, you gotta love it.

Whenever Saturday morning rolls around, it’s always the move to grab some breakfast, flip on ESPN, and watch some good ol’ predictions and insight from ESPN’s finest.

Perhaps the best part, is you never know who’s gonna make their way on the show.

And for today’s show?

No other than the man himself, Mr. Ken Jeong.

If ya don’t know who that is… first off, what the hell are you doing? And two, he played the legendary roll of Mr. Chow on The Hangover.

He’s a world class comedian and actor, and he was the guest picker on College Gameday today.

You already know he was bound to say something outrageous…

As soon as he got on the show, he had to give a shoutout to his wife, in the best way he knows how:

“Shoutout to my wife Tran. You complete me Ho!”

Calling his wife a ho on national TV? There’s a twist…

“It’s her last name… relax ESPN.”

Ken Jeong, the GOAT.

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