Former FBI Agent Says Brian Laundrie’s Parents Likely Cut A Deal With Police: “Lying Is An Easy Trap To Fall Into”

Chris and Roberta Laundrie

We may never know the full truth regarding the tragic death of Gabby Petito, what caused Brian Laundrie to strangle his fiancée, and what his whereabouts were from the moment Gabby was reported missing.

But what we do know…

His parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, are shady as all hell.

Even Dog the Bounty Hunter said most of the time, the parents know where their fugitive child is.

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told CNN that they acted suspicious from the beginning, and that their behavior spans the entire gamut from simply “odd,” all the way to downright “suspicious.”

“The Laundrie family has conducted themselves in a very odd way that’s generated a lot of suspicion right from the beginning.”

So much so that, that another FBI agent thinks they made a deal with law enforcement, one that got them out of trouble.

According to Daily Mail, former FBI Agent Stuart Kaplan says the Laundries fully cooperated with law enforcement after their odd behavior and inconsistent accounts of details aroused the suspicions of police.

“There’s no doubt that Brian Laundrie’s parents are fully engaged with law enforcement.

I do believe that there was some sort of agreement where they accepted immunity in exchange for their full cooperation.

I think from the very beginning that Brian Laundrie’s parents were torn between wanting to protect their son and not wanting to cross a line that would put them in the crosshairs of law enforcement.

If you lie to a federal agent, mislead them or give them false information that can lead to prosecution for obstruction of justice and you could be looking at five years in jail. And it’s an easy trap to fall into.”

Granted, it sounds like this is just pure speculation, but there’s no doubt that the Laundries’ account of key details don’t add up. Then you add in the fact that Brian’s body and belongings were found the day the parents were allowed to search the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in Florida, five miles from their home.

The site is also near the Carlton Nature Reserve where authorities had conducted most of their search.

Police recently admitted to getting duped by Mrs. Laundrie after Brian left in his silver Mustang and his mom returned in the car. Police admitted to mistaking Roberta for Brian and thinking that he was at home, but why would he leave in the car, and his mother return in it if they weren’t helping him out in one way or another?

Very suspicious indeed…

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