Tony Romo In Hot Water After He Said The Fan Who Got Tom Brady’s 600th TD Ball Should Get A Date With Gisele

Tony Romo

I still remember watching Notre Dame face off against Alabama in the 2013 National Championship game at 13-years-old.

I couldn’t tell you what the score was besides the fact that ‘Bama beat the breaks off of Notre Dame, but I do vividly remember one thing….

College football broadcaster Brent Musburger absolutely drooling over how hot A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend (now wife) was.

Needless to say, Musburger got absolutely torched by social media, and essentially got thrown into horny jail.

And then, this past Sunday, Tony Romo found himself in hot water with his own comments about Tom Brady’s wife.

Former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo, and now an NFL broadcaster, was covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Chicago Bears game, when Mike Evans caught Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown pass.

Evans wasn’t aware of the importance of that catch, and he went straight to the stands and handed the ball to a fan.

When somebody on the Bucs’ staff went back to retrieve the ball from the fan, Romo joked about how the fan should make a negotiation with the Bucs staffer so he gets something out of it…

A date with Gisele.

“A date with Gisele (Brady’s wife). A date with Gisele and I’m in.”

Not gonna lie, I thought it was kind of funny, but it’s 2021… we can’t joke during an NFL broadcast. Tony should’ve predicted that like he predicts the play.

And let’s be real, there’s not a soul on this planet who doesn’t think Gisele, a former Victoria’s Secret model, is gorgeous.

So while it may be an obvious, harmless joke about Tom’s supermodel wife, some found it to be in poor taste.

Needless to say, the ol’ Twitter erupted:

As far as the fan goes, Brady revealed on the “Manningcast” with Peyton and Eli Manning during last night’s Monday Night Football game that he got $1,000 gift card, some memorabilia, and 1 bitcoin (which is worth about $65,000 right now).

So while it’s not exactly the half a million bucks that ball might go for, he didn’t walk away completely empty-handed.

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