If You Haven’t Listened To Pecos & The Rooftops’ ‘Red Eye’ EP, It’s Time To Change That

Pecos and the rooftops country music

If you’re not on the Pecos & The Rooftops bandwagon, what are you even doing?

The band, led by frontman Pecos Hurley, is on a quick rise in the lone star state music scene, thanks in part to their breakout hit you may know already called “This Damn Song”.

They’re gearing up to release their debut studio album Cabin Fever sometime this year, so it’s as good a time as any to take a look back on some of their early material.

On a recent episode of the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, Pecos talked about how the band formed, writing their aforementioned 2019 hit, “This Damn Song”, and more.

And, as far as the the bands name, it’s pretty much as straight forward as it sounds:

“When we all lived in Lubbock together, we had this five bedroom, shitty-ass rental house, and we always threw parties there and stuff.

We were typically on our roof drinkin’ booze and doin’ stuff up there. We almost did like a music video, full band up there.”

And since most of you already know “This Damn Song,” let me formally introduce you to their 2020 Red Eye EP… it’s equal parts rock ‘n roll, blues, and country, and adds up to be every bit of that Texas sound we all love so much:

“Leave Me Lonely”

This is easily my favorite song they’ve put out so far. It has such a great melody and clever wordplay that I’ve completely worn out the repeat button listening to it.

If you already know and love PRT, this is a great one to start with if you want your friends to feel the same way:

“Kill a Man”

This song is super bluesy, and paired with Pecos’ unique, deep voice singin’ about how heartbroken he is, it’s an intoxicating listen.

I think it would sound even better at maximum volume in a dark room with a cold beer, too…


Another heartbreaker of a track, I’m fairly confident there’s not another country song out there with the title “Conociste.”

Here, our narrator talks about how things ended in a relationship and how it’s never going to be rekindled with some pretty searing lyrics:

“You’ve got a side that used to drive me wild
But you’re crazy as hell so I think that I’ll just
Let someone else screw me over for now
Well I hate your dog and
I hate your dad
I hate your fake ass friends
Hate the times we had
And I ain’t goin back through that shit again”

“Wouldn’t Have to Miss You”

A song steeped in regret for how a relationship ended, Pecos details all the little things you have to deal with in the wake of a bad breakup and what makes it so damn hard.

“Lonely With You”

If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you feel drained constantly, this song will feel all too real.

Sometimes, the spark just fizzles out, and you find yourself holding on for no real reason… which usually makes you lonelier than when you were single.


Unlike some of the others on this EP, the last thing you’ll find on this track is a feeling of regret for a messy breakup that ended on bad terms.

If you’ve ever been with someone and felt extremely confident about your decision to end it and never looked back, you’ll probably love this song:

I’m telling y’all now… go ahead and jump on the bandwagon, because it’s filling up fast.

With a debut record that’s poised to blow up and a rabid fan base already behind them, Pecos & The Rooftops just might be the next big thing in Texas.

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