Shipping Gridlock Expected To Cause Substantial Alcohol Shortages During The Holidays

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Back during the beginning of the pandemic, I was short on cash, and had to find a quick job while the world was shut down.

One of my only options?

Stocking shelves at a grocery store.

I remember every time a new truck came in, we’d only get between 50 to 75% of what our manager ordered, because of the shortage of items at the warehouse (Especially toilet paper, you people were shittin’ a lot at the beginning of the pandemic) due to outrageously high demand.

And now, with the shipping gridlock at Port of Los Angeles right now, a number of items are going to be experiencing even more significant shortages this holiday season.

Especially… alcohol.

According to ABC News 7 Chicago, massive quantities of shipping containers are stuck off the coast of Los Angeles and they’re full of toys, shoes, alcohol, and more.

Jake Duke, regional manager of Spec’s Liquor, discussed the insanely high demand for alcohol since the beginning of the pandemic:

“We had 50 people waiting in line, just to see what we had coming in this morning because it’s a guessing game for us, just as it is for the guests. They don’t know what’s coming. We don’t know what’s coming.

We see the orders the day before, we get them in the morning. We put it out for sale, and they’re gone by the end of the day.”

Many large food producers are sending out a warning that some products could be incredibly scarce by the time fall and winter officially sets in.

Another worry for some companies is President Biden’s December 18th mandate for companies who work with the federal government to fire employees who refuse to get vaccinated.

They’re afraid a further shortage of workers will make it even more difficult for companies to put items on shelves.

Eric Hoplin, president and CEO of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, weighed in on the current staff shortage, and how it could get worse in the future:

“Because we already have a critical shortage of folks that are working through the supply chain, that order would only exacerbate the issue.”

And it’s not just imports, the shortages on glass and aluminum will affect domestic products as well. Even the glue for labels is experiencing a shortage…

If you think I’m going to spend the holidays with my family sober, you got another thing coming… I’ll unload these damn boats myself.

You think I’m kidding… I ain’t.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock