Read Southall Digs Into Sleazy, Back Alley Rock Sound With “Josephine”

For The Birds is finally here.

After years of anticipation, Read Southall Band’s third album is finally here and they dove deep into the rock sound. Whiskey Riff was proud to bring you the exclusive premier of the second track, “DLTGYD”, but today we finally got to hear the project in its entirety.

The song that immediately stood out to be was “Josephine.”

While the entire album swings heavily rock, this song sonically made me think of a city bar alley, nighttime, lost in maze of lights and chemicals. A very cool feel for a song like this one.

It’s about a man losing his wife, and everything worked for, to her drug addiction, the feel of which gets intensified by the atmosphere of the music.

“Downtown across the railroad tracks, where the sun don’t dare shine
Same place you spun up all your money, now you’re back there spending mine
I can’t make sense of this, what brought us back to it? Is the stealing really worth that high?
Josephine my dream was the grass really green this time?”

Great stuff from the boys.

Crank this one up… it’s a good one.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock