Morgan Wallen Releases Two New Acoustic ‘Dangerous Sessions’ Performances Of “Livin’ The Dream” And “Dangerous”

Where can I sign a petition to get Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous Sessions as an entire acoustic album?

I just love the stripped-back nature of the performances that allow you to really dig into each particular song and hear it for what it is. While I’m sure there are plenty of people who prefer the more pop-leaning sound of the studio versions, I can’t help but favor the acoustic ones myself.

Last week, he put out the acoustic video for “865,” and this week, he’s putting out two new ones for the songs “Livin’ The Dream,” as well as the title track, “Dangerous.”

When he released his double album back in January, Dangerous, “Livin’ The Dream” immediately stood out to me.

A co-write with frequent collaborators Hardy, Ben Burgess and Jacob Durrett, the song details all of the struggles Morgan’s had adjusting to the limelight, as it’s pretty clear that he hasn’t exactly handled all of his newfound fame well in a lot of ways.

This production, like a lot of the acoustic versions of much of the Dangerous tracklist, lends itself so well to Morgan’s voice and allows his songwriting to really shine. It’s a soul-baring moment, that’s for sure… no snap tracks or synthetic beats to hide from here.

When you consider everything that’s happened in his life over the last year or so, this song just hits different now:

And, the performance video for “Dangerous.” I’ll be honest, it was not one of my favorite’s when this album first came out.

But after hearing it like this, I think it’s starting grow on me some:

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