Morgan Wallen Releases Acoustic ‘Dangerous Sessions’ Performance Of “865”

Morgan Wallen is back with another video for his Dangerous Sessions.

This time, it’s a live performance of the track “865” from his record-breaking double album released earlier this year, Dangerous.

He sneaks a nice little Eric Church reference in at the beginning and, of course, Eric also co-wrote the final track on the album, one they recently performed together, called “Quittin’ Time”.

Written by John Byron and Jake Pendergrass, it tells the all too common story of trying to drink somebody off your mind, but as anybody who has ever picked up a bottle of Jack knows, the opposite happens.

The song originally had an area code for the Raleigh, North Carolina area, but Morgan changed it to the area code in his hometown near Knoxville, Tennessee, when he decided to cut the track:

“‘865’ is a song that was originally sent to me called ‘919.’ I don’t even know where that area code is at. I’m sorry if you’re from that area code, I’m sure you’re great.

865 is the area code that I use, and if I hear those 3 digits, it takes me back to place or time. It just makes me think of home. I thought it was unique in the way that they used it.

And also, whoever’s number that is, I am extremely sorry.”

Earlier this year, we made the argument that these acoustic, stripped down performances from the Dangerous Sessions were actually better than album versions, and personally, I think something about them is just so intriguing and authentic.

I’m not necessarily staunch traditionalist, but I always tend to favor the most raw and real version of a song. As far as mainstream country music goes, the songwriting is there, but you’re gonna lose me with the kind of pop production that Morgan oftentimes utilizes.

Give me the acoustic version all day.

The studio version:

A few of the other videos from The Dangerous Sessions:

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock