Relive Zach Bryan’s Phenomenal Concert At The University Of Texas

Man, I need to get to a Zach Bryan concert…

Zach had the honor of playing at the University of Texas a few weeks ago after the Longhorns beat the Texas Tech Red Raiders, and while pretty much everyone thinks that’s one of the coolest things an artist can do, let’s hope his grandpa didn’t catch wind of it in heaven…

But just in case he did, Zach threw a quick horns down from the stage (to the dismay of many dressed in Orange…)

The whole day had to be completely insane… not only did the Longhorns beat an in state rival, but getting to see an absolute legend in the making as well.

I mean get me to Austin, I’ll enroll in classes again for a day like that. Hell, put me in McConaughey’s film class while we’re at it.

But for those of us who weren’t there, one awesome dude named Pat has got the hook up, filming one of the highest quality concert videos I’ve ever seen of the entire performance. All 53 magic minutes, including a glorious Turnpike Troubadours cover.

Shout out to Pat and a “Holy shit this is so good” to Zach.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock