Urban Meyer Reportedly Called “Con Man,” “Gutless,” “Laughingstock,” By Jacksonville Jaguars Players & Staff

Urban Meyer
Dylan Buell/Getty Images

If you thought the Urban Meyer situation was going to blow over, guess again.

It runs MUCH deeper than him just getting drunk, and playing grab-ass with some young college girl (who’s definitely not his wife).

And while that might be enough for you to lose respect for your head coach, according to some behind the scenes reports, Urban has completely lost the team. In fact, the grinding video might be the least of the team’s worries.

Urban Meyer skipped the team flight back to Jacksonville to stay in Ohio, which according to a number of former NFL players and coaches is completely unheard of.

He made excuses during his half-assed apology, he told the media he addressed the team when he talked to a few player groups, he canceled the team meeting on Monday, and ultimately, for a guy that preaches on faith, family and integrity… he doesn’t seem to have any.

So now, the 0-4 Jacksonville Jaguars, with the #1 overall pick in quarterback Trevor Lawrence, are a ship with a worthless captain, and mutiny is within reach.

Listen to some of these comments from players and staff, according to CBS:

“He’s not coming back from this. There wasn’t much confidence in him in that locker room before this went down. Now? It’s over. Guys are laughing at him. He’s lost any respect he may have had. They think he quit on them.”

“It was pretty gutless… he put (the assistant coaches) in a terrible situation.”

“You can’t make morality a central theme of your leadership message, and then do this. It undermines everything.”

“He is a laughingstock in that locker room right now. (My client) said he’s a con man. They think he’s a fraud. How do you not fly home with your team?”


It’s a miracle he wasn’t fired right away, but after hearing comments like those from players and staff, it’s only a matter of time before he’s gone.

I mean, when team is breaking huddles with “GRIND,” you know respect is out the window…

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