Chuck Pagano On Urban Meyer Ditching The Team: “You’re The Head Frickin’ Football Coach… You Don’t Get To Check Out”

Chuck Pagano, Urban Meyer are posing for a picture
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There’s been a whole mess of talk surrounding this whole Urban Meyer situation.

I mean, how can there not be?

You have a brand new NFL coach who was gifted with the #1 overall pick in that of Trevor Lawrence, and after an 0-4 start, he’s doing a abysmal job.

And rather than hopping on the plane with the rest of the team, he decides to hit the town in Columbus, get all liquored up, and let some bitty at the bar go 1999 Juvenile on him… backing that ass up.

Yes, I know. Perhaps his best years as a head coach were spent at Ohio State, but his priority is to be a leader to his team, and at least act like you give a flying fuck.

Over the span of his career, we’ve seen him make excuse after excuse for him flopping on the job, anywhere from “wanting to spend time with family,” to “crippling migraines.”

And his latest excuse for being a shitty person?

Well, it turns out, this is the reason according to him why he didn’t fly back with the team:

“I thought at the time it was a chance for everybody to clear their head, including myself.”

Yeah, okay Urban…

Clear your head with a bucket booze and some college girls? Bold strategy…

A number of former NFL players and coaches have come out and said that not in their entire career have they ever seen a coach ditch the team like that.

Even former Colts head coach Chuck Pagano had something to say on the Pat McAfee Show:

Chuck then detailed the kind of things that can get a player off the rails, AKA drugs, booze, women, guns, etc…

“There was 5 things we always mentioned after Thursday games & Urban Meyer broke almost ALL of em… he just HAS to own it & hope that time will heal all the wounds.”

Apparently Urban’s not a man of his word… shocker.

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