Jacksonville Jaguars Players Troll The Hell Out Of Urban Meyer, Break Huddle With “GRIND” Just Days After Viral Video

A group of football players celebrating

It’s just too good…

Since the viral video of a girl grinding on Urban Meyer, we knew the inevitable was coming…

The man losing control of his team.

Since this past Saturday, he’s become a social media meme, issued a BS apology, and every sports talk host has come after his head, especially on The Pat McAfee Show where former Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano laid into the man for his actions.

Urban said he addressed the incident with his team again yesterday morning where he talked about motivating his team:

And up until now, we really had no info on how his team was responding to the incident.

There were rumors that he was not very well liked by players, but that was pure speculation.

Well, now we have video evidence.

The Jacksonville Jaguars huddled up after practice yesterday, and leading the break was starting QB Trevor Lawrence.

And how did they close out practice?

By the whole team chanting, “GRIND.”

I know, I know, this is pretty stereotypical of a basic way to close out a football practice, but judging by the laughter and smiles on the players faces, this was a definite troll.

And of course this comes on the heels of reports that the players busted out laughing after Urban left the room when he “apologized” to them on Monday.

It’s officially official, Meyer has lost the respect of his players.

But he’s given us some great memes in the process.

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