Eric Church And Morgan Wallen Duet On “Quittin’ Time,” The Song That Started Their Friendship

A full circle moment.

For my money, “Quittin’ Time” was easily the best song on Morgan Wallen’s record-breaking Dangerous: The Double Album.

It’s decidedly the most “country” song on a massive project with a TON of pop influence, and it just so happens… it was written by Eric Church (with Luke Laird and Josh Thompson).

If you close your eyes, you can easily hear Eric singing this one… it’s such an Eric melody.

And as it turns out, Morgan cutting this song is the reason they even got in contact with each other in the first place:

“‘Quittin’ Time’ is a song written by one of my musical heroes, Eric Church. Luke Laird and Josh Thompson also wrote it with him. I’ve written quite a few songs with Luke and with Josh but haven’t written any with Eric. This song is how I got my initial contact with him.

Since then I’ve been able to spend some time with him and get to know him a little bit better. Which is cool for me, just because of how much he means to me musically. I feel like I don’t know if that would have happened without this song.

I really enjoy this song, it’s stripped back. There’s not a whole lot going on in the song musically. Most of the attention goes to the lyrics and melody. It’s beautifully written.”

Flash forward to last night, in the midst if Eric’s Gather Again Tour.

Eric Church is headlining the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, except his band tested positive for COVID so he’s pretty much throwing the whole show on his back and performing completely solo.

Most artists wouldn’t even entertain the idea, let alone pull it off…

Anyways, in a huge curveball to his sold out Philly crowd, Eric brings out Morgan Wallen as a surprise guest for a few songs, closing out his time on stage with “Quittin’ Time.”

Like I said, full circle.

Eric and Morgan have become pretty good friends over the course of this past year.

The two have been seen golfing together, as well as fishing, and they even jammed out an acoustic performance of “Sand In My Boots” alongside Hardy earlier this year.

And then more recently, they shared the stage for the opening of Twelve Thirty Club, a new Nashville hot spot owned by Justin Timberlake.

And it all started with this song.

Last night, Morgan even called Eric “the best fuckin’ country singer that ever lived,” which is a BIG stretch, one that Eric wouldn’t even agree with, but I suppose it shows you just how much Eric’s music has meant to Morgan.

Here’s the original:

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A beer bottle on a dock