Dog The Bounty Hunter Fears Gabby Petito Murder Suspect, Brian Laundrie, May Be A Serial Killer

Duane 'Dog' Chapman and woman posing for a picture on a beach

Well, that’s a terrifying assumption…

Duane Chapman, AKA Dog the Bounty Hunter, is currently on the hunt for suspected murdered Brian Laundrie, who has managed to evade the law enforcement officials who have been searching for him for nearly a month.

Of course, unless you’ve literally been living under a rock, you’re well aware of the story.

Brian Laundrie was on a cross country road trip with his fiancée Gabby Petito, however returned home to Florida last month without her.

Videos surfaced from police encounters with the couple out west, who appeared to be having some domestic violence incidents. When she was finally reported missing, and Brian all of the sudden was nowhere to be found.

Once her body was tragically found in Grand Teton National Park, an all out manhunt for Brian ensued. And Brian’s parents? Not helpful at all…

However, Dog the Bounty Hunter isn’t sure that Gabby is Brian’s only victim.

According to a new interview with The SunDog is seeing serial killer tendencies in Brian Laundrie:

“I’m thinking more and more about him being maybe a serial killer… not just a killer of Gabby. The books he reads are unbelievable. A couple of the books that he’s been reading are 10 times worse than ‘Dungeon and Dragons.’

This kid, Brian, has taken those books obviously to heart. And this is what happens when your kid is looking at those kinds of things.”

But according to Dog, it’s not something that happens overnight:

“He just overnight just didn’t become a killer. A killer is made, and he is built to be or she, a killer.

He built himself to be that by looking at that kind of, let’s say the dark side stuff. There are pictures of demons all over it.”

Last we heard, Dog was still actively searching in Florida for Brian Laundrie, however reports of people spotting him in Tennessee, along the Appalachian Trail, have surfaced as well.

Stay tuned…

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