Dog The Bounty Hunter Believes Brian Laundrie Is Still Alive, Reportedly Shopping New Manhunt TV Show

Duane 'Dog' Chapman with long hair and a beard wearing sunglasses and a black jacket

Dog the Bounty Hunter is trusting his instincts.

The man has been hot on the track for Brian Laundrie over the past couple of weeks, discovering what he believes is evidence of the suspect.

Many have conspired that Laundrie is not alive, as he’s had to make his way through some dangerous parts of the Florida Everglades, and some even believe that he may have committed suicide.

However, Dog thinks otherwise.

Duane Chapman, aka Dog The Bounty Hunter, believes the man is still alive, because his profile does not fit somebody that’s suicidal, he said on Monday on TMZ Live.

He’s fully convinced that Laundrie is hiding in the Everglades, the area where Chapman has put most of his focus, even though he believes there’s a chance that he may have recently made his way out but he can’t be far.

The reality TV star also noted that Laundrie is a survivalist, and knows how to survive in the woods for long periods of time on his own. However, he believes that the man is not in good shape, as nobody would be living in those kind of conditions for that long.

Yahoo also reported that Dog has been shopping around a reality show on his Brian Laundrie manhunt, a pitch that A&E immediately rejected.

“Duane Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, pitched A&E a show on his hunt for Brian Laundrie, who is the main suspect in the murder of Gabby Petito, a YouTube personality who was found dead on Sept. 19. The cable channel ‘immediately passed.'”

All I have to say is, let’s hope Dog finds him before the ghost of Lucias Clay does.

That Wooley Swamp is dangerous.

Alexa, cue up some Charlie Daniels:

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