Tim Tebow Weighs In On The Urban Meyer Grinding Video: “My Heart Was Hurting For Miss Shelley”

Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer

After hearing Shelley Meyer’s comments on her husband’s actions this past weekend, there was only one person left we were all waiting to hear from…

And that’s Tim Tebow.

You already know the two had a very close bond at the University of Florida, and everybody knows that Tebow is very strong in his Christian beliefs, so needless to say, we were all anticipating this.

Especially after all of the memes that circulated about what Tebow’s reaction would be (which were absolutely hilarious, by the way).

I mean, come on…

The former Heisman winner made an appearance on First Take today, and was asked about the situation and his thoughts.

I think his response was exactly what everybody thought it would be. Ya know, the whole “I was heartbroken for his family, I still love him and I told him to grow from it.”

Here’s the full response:

“Well I think first of all this is a very disappointing, frustrating, and honestly heartbreaking situation.

When I first saw and heard about what happened, my heart was hurting for Miss Shelley, coach’s wife, someone who I love very much, and his daughters, who I’m very close with, who I’ve talked to both of them this week, and also had the chance of talking with coach. It’s a very difficult week.

My advice to him was to apologize, to admit it, to learn from it, and to never, ever repeat it.

Coach shared with me that it was one of the hardest times of his life. He apologized, but he didn’t need to apologize to me. I know this weighs so heavy on his heart and he is hurting.

And I do think for some of the guys he will have to earn back their trust and respect. And I think he really wants to do that. This is not something that anybody in his family takes lightly.”

Then… here comes the defense:

“He was in the wrong place and he was in the wrong state of mind. He had too much to drink, and that led to bad decisions. I think that’s something we can all learn from.

We need people to hold us accountable, to not let us get into tricky positions, to not be in places where temptation can creep in and we’re in the wrong state of mind.”

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