Hannah Dasher Takes New Fender Telecaster For A Spin At Patsy Cline’s House

Hannah Dasher country music

This may be the most American thing I’ve ever seen…

Hannah Dasherwho seems to be exploding before our eyes, recently had the opportunity to play three of her songs at Patsy Cline’s dream song in Nashville, TN as part of Fender’s Player Plus Sessions, getting to take one of their new Telecasters for a spin.

In between songs, she opened up a bit about where her songs come from, what country music means, cooking and how thankful she is to be able to play the music she loves.

The first song is one of her show openers called “You’re Gonna Love Me”, which tips the cap to one of our favorites here at Whiskey Riff, the man himself, Alan Jackson.

If you think Eastwood and Sam Elliot
Still got it goin’ on
And Alan Jackson shoulda kept that blonde hair long
If I say, “Play Chattahoochee” and you don’t disagree,
If that’s you, you’re gonna love me.”

The second song is an ode to country music tied in with who she is and how she grew up called “My Life Was A Country Song” and man is that steel guitar nice. 

“If my life was a country song
It’d sound like 1991
With a petal and a steel to let you know the way I feel
Would be a “Y’all come back” and “Don’t stay gone to long”
If my life was a country song.”

Her final performance is a song called “The Tree”, which basically calls out the splitting of country music these days, especially the mainstream, saying if the genre continues to forget where it came from there’s not gonna be anything left of it.

“Some songs ain’t for everybody
So what about folks like me
Who’s life soundtrack 
Ain’t some watered-down hip-hop melody

We’re getting a little to far from the
Three chords and the truth part of it
Forgetting where they’re roots are
You’re gonna kill the tree.”

Come on with it, that’s some good stuff.

Plus, the ribs she makes, my goodness give me some of that…

If you need me, I’ll be singing the praises of Hannah Dasher to everyone who will listen.

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