Jockey Gets A Face Full Of Fence After Being Thrown Off Race Horse

A jockey rides a horse

OOF… that’s gonna hurt.

When you watch equestrian sports, it’s pretty rare to see racers get injured. You’d think with crazy-fast, big, powerful race horses running wild, it would be an everyday thing, but you don’t really see it too often.

However, you have some instances every now and then, and the fall can be pretty nasty.

Oisin Murphy, a 26-year-old Irish jockey, was competing at the Salisbury Racetrack in the United Kingdom on Thursday, with his horse named Oasis Gift.

The two-year-old horse got off to an incredibly rocky start, and Murphy lost control of the horse almost immediately.

And what happens next?

Oasis Gift plunges straight into the railing on the course, throwing Murphy off and giving him a face full of white railing.

He looked a little shaken at first, but he was able to get up and walk away on his own power.

That’s pretty impressive he was able to get up though, you know he had to be seeing stars for a minute.

However, he announced via Twitter that none of his injuries were serious.

He even announced that he’ll be back to racing again today.

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