Hannah Dasher’s “Left Right” Is A Cleverly Written Reminder To Get Your Sh*t Together

Ladies and gentlemen, get your shit together and start listening to Hannah Dasher.

Not just a TikTok cooking star (although I’d eat literally anything made on #StandByYourPan), Hannah is a heck of a personality, a great performer and a damn good songwriter.

I wasn’t very familiar with a lot of her work, but the big hair, bell bottoms and down home lifestyle had me super interested. Diving into her music, it’s clear she’s the real deal.

So far my favorite is “Left Right,” full of clever twists that more or less tells guys everywhere to get it together and commit to that girl or one day she won’t be around.

“Quit goin’ left, right, left, right, left, right on it
You’ll be left right, left right there one mornin’
Time that you made up your mind, are you in or out?
A girl like that don’t wait forever
She’s a good one, boy, get your shit together
If you want it, you better put a ring on her left right now”

I mean come on now. I’m a bit stingy on the lyrics I like, so a song titled “Left Right” didn’t immediately make me think it would be much more than a honky tonk two-stepper, but man I was wrong.

It gets you moving while getting you thinking about that girl in your life. Kinda feels like the song was directed at guys exactly like me…

Hannah will be crashing the tailgates of a bunch of Eric Church concerts this year, so if you’re there, get your butts over to see her. Can’t wait to get to a show myself, I am sold…

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