Hannah Dasher Is Crashing The Tailgate Parties Of Eric Church’s ‘Gather Again Tour’ Opening Weekend

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Taking a move out of the Chief’s playbook. Gotta respect it.

Eric Church‘s “Gather Again Tour” finally kicks off this weekend, with shows in Lexington, Kentucky and Columbus, Ohio.

But Chief won’t be the only show rolling into town.

Church isn’t bringing an opening act with him on this tour, but Hannah Dasher is crashing the party with her “You’re Gonna Love Me Tailgate Tour” where she’ll be playing a free show in the parking lot before Eric Church takes stage inside the arena.

If you remember way back to 2006, Chief pulled a similar move after infamously getting kicked off the Rascal Flatts tour, following the band from city to city and playing free shows at the same time as their concerts.

Now luckily Hannah Dasher fans won’t have to miss the Eric Church show because she won’t be playing at the same time – so she’s really just offering fans a little pre-show tailgate party entertainment.

And I’d say there’s considerably more overlap between Hannah Dasher’s fans and Eric Church fans than there was between fans of Eric Church and Rascal Flatts back in 2006, because Hannah’s got that same badass southern-rock infused style of country that rocketed Chief to superstardom.

In fact, she even cites Church as one of her musical influences – something that definitely comes across in her music.

Hannah, who made her major-label debut earlier this year with The Half Record, also crashed the tailgate of a Brothers Osborne tour stop earlier this year in Charlotte.

So if you’re going to be in Lexington or Columbus this weekend for the Eric Church show, make sure you get there early and look for Hannah in the back of her white F350 in the parking lot.

I’m headed up to Lexington myself, so you can bet I’ll be getting there early to see Hannah. She’s gonna be a hell of an opening act.

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