7 Of The Most Uniquely Compelling Artists In The Game Right Now

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Country Music has had no shortage of characters throughout its long and storied history.

From Merle Haggard and his impressions and prison escaping skills, to Willie Nelson’s acrobatic abilities, to George Jones shooting at a songwriting buddy, so many legends of the genre have made a name by being both unique in their music style and having larger than life personalities.

That tradition is alive and well today, with many artists crafting a style that can only be summed up as uniquely them.

Here’s seven of the most unique artists  in the game right now:

Koe Wetzel

What can you say about the persona of Koe Wetzel that hasn’t already been said?

The man is combining Texas Country with grunge and rock and becoming an absolute rockstar in the process (Trust me, I’ve been to one of his shows…)

Joshua Ray Walker

Since the day it came out, I cannot stop listening to “Sexy After Dark”, which perfectly sums up the style and swagger of Joshua Ray Walker.

From the attire to the saxophone to the incredible high notes, this man is insanely talented and absolutely one of my favorite artists right now, not to mention someone who just peaks my interest to no end.

Charley Crockett

Charley Crockett is a throwback to the wild west. It just feels like something that should be playing in the background of a Wild Bill Hickok poker game.

His attire, voice and simplistic musical backing makes for fantastic driving music and there’s certainly no one who can be compared to his style.

Zach Bryan

Pretty much the rawest artist out there, Zach Bryan is changing the game. The trend of artists putting out raw music is only increasing and the connection he has with his fan is second to none.

For sure one of the best lyricists of today, Zach Bryan will soon be out of the Navy and perhaps focusing on music full-time, which excited me to no end. I see many, many Zach Bryan concerts in my future.

Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade is another artist positioning herself in a unique category, balancing somewhere between the Country, Americana and Pop scene in a refreshing way that appeals to anyone who’s heard her.

She’s got all the potential in the world and I’m so excited to see where she goes from here.

Colter Wall

The Canadian Plainsman is certainly in a league of his own. Colter Wall brings traditional story telling to the scene with pretty much the deepest voice a person can have.

Already somewhat of a legend in his own right, the 26 year old is going to do nothing but continue his path through the history books.

Hannah Dasher

I’ll be honest, I don’t know the most about her music, but from what I’ve seen, Hannah Dasher is a honky tonk queen in the making.

The thick accent, the big hair, and the outfits, everything about her interests me and I can’t wait to really dive into all the music she’s released.

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