Charley Crockett Releases New Album, ‘Music City USA,’ Accompanied By Feature-Length Documentary

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Ol’ Charley Crockett has been on a role.

Coming off of his February album, 10 for Slim: Charley Crocket Sings James Hand, the man is back in the saddle again, dropping his 10th studio album (in six years) today, Music City USA.

The album brings us that good ol’ western swing sound, straight out of a 1950s jukebox. His unique blend of country, blues, and soul, coupled with some Cajun and Tejano influences, give Charley one of the most compelling sounds in all of music.

However, the music in this album encapsulates the path that brought Crockett to where he is today. From busking on corners in New Orleans and subways cars in New York, to selling weed to get by, wandering around Europe, undergoing open heart surgery, stints in jail, and more, Crockett’s journey is as unique as his sound.

However through it all, it was music that remained a constant driving force, the true north on his wanderer’s compass:

“When I cobble it together and look back on it in reflection, it just looks like the path that I walked down.

And maybe mine is unusual for today. I’d say it’s highly unusual. To the point that people think it’s made up.

The truth is, I’ve toned it down.” 

This album also comes with a documentary, painting us the perfect picture of the lyrics that the man incorporated in the Music City USA album.

Titled “The Road to Music City USA,” was created by both Crockett and filmmaker Bobby Cochran, and they want to make it clear that the documentary is not to promote the album, but give us an authentic look into the eyes of the former street performer.

The documentary consists of interviews with Crockett, members of his band the Blue Drifters, collaborators Mark Neill, Jay Moeller, and Billy Horton, as well as writer and historian Joe Nick Patoski and Crockett’s fans.

Check out the documentary here, as well as the music video for the title track, “Music City USA.”

The Road To Music City USA

“Music City USA”

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