Jon Langston Kicked Off Deer Season With A Big Nebraska Buck

A man with a deer

Few things in life go together better than watching some football in between trips to the woods to deer hunt.

Archery and football season are now both officially off and running now that we’re into mid-September, and Jon Langston is here to celebrate both of those things. 

If you recall from earlier this year, he just couldn’t seem to stop shooting turkeys.

He had a big spring, shot a limit in Tennessee, bagged a bird down in his home state of Georgia before playing a show, and then went out to Nebraska with the Realtree Roadtrips crew to take a turkey

The hunting action cooled down as summer heated up, but Langston stayed busy by touring and releasing one of the most powerful songs of his career

He celebrated that song, Try Missing You, breaking the 1 million stream mark by tuning up his skills with the bow and arrow and busting open a beer can. 

“Thank y’all, love y’all, cheers!”

Now that fall is here, though, it appears he’s got the bow and arrow back out again, this time for a deer hunt back in Nebraska. 

He didn’t provide many details, but by the looks of his most recent social media post, Jon Langtson’s deer hunting season is off to a big start. 

That’s a helluva buck. It looks to be a big symmetrical 10-pointer that any hunter would love to have on their wall. 

“College football, country music, and deer season. Best time of the year, can I get an amen?! Starting out strong with Realtree Outdoors!” 






A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock