Jon Langston Just Can’t Stop Shooting Turkeys

Jon Langston just can’t seem to stop shooting turkeys this spring.

Well actually, he’s legally required to stop shooting turkeys in the state of Tennessee for the rest of the season but that’s only because he’s been so successful at hunting so far.

Spring turkey season in Tennessee opened on April 3rd, and since then Langston has already harvested 3 birds, which is the state’s legal limit for one hunter per spring hunting session.

The season runs through May 16th.

One of those successful hunts stands out in particular though,  thanks to the memory he forged with a special shotgun his grandaddy gifted him back in the day.

“My Grandaddy gave me this 20 gauge shotgun when I was a kid and when he passed away, I put it up. This morning I took it off the wall and it was like he was there teaching me how to shoot it all over again.”

Langston also ditched his gun but used his turkey call to guide a buddy on a successful hunt to further bolster his resume.

Prior to shooting his last gobbler, he also made time to hit the Tennessee woods with fellow musicians Tyler Farr and Morgan Wallen.

The Georgia native also put a bird in the dust back in his home state.

At the end of March, he smoked a bird at sunrise before playing a sold-out show in Statesboro later that same night.

“It’s the best time of the year. See y’all tonight in Statesboro for a sold-out show baby!”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock