Eli Manning Roasts Peyton’s Massive Head During Hilarious Monday Night Football Debut

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Monday Night Football is BACK, and we couldn’t have had a better game to watch.

The Baltimore Ravens and Las Vegas Raiders squared off, with both teams trading blows until Derek Carr threw a game winning touchdown pass to Zay Jones.

However, the highlight of the night may have been Peyton and Eli Manning’s debut for MNF.

Steve Levy, Louis Riddick and Brian Griese are still handling the regular Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN, but Peyton and Eli are  running an alternate broadcast on ESPN 2 and ESPN+.

It’s no secret that the brothers are incredibly close, great on camera, and extremely knowledgeable about the game. Needless to say, it was the perfect setup for great TV.

If you know anything about the NFL, you know Raiders head coach Jon Gruden is one of the best characters in the league.

Everybody loves to imitate the man, as he has the best one liners and quotes in the game.

Last night, Peyton got his chance… he imitated the man’s voice almost perfectly:

Funny and incredible informative… I mean, these dudes are giving you a high-level look inside the huddle.

However, perhaps the funniest moment between the two, was when Eli roasted his brother’s ginormous head… Peyton was imitating a Ravens play call, when he threw on a helmet that looked like a child’s helmet on his head.

Even Peyton had to say:

“This helmet doesn’t fit, I have to get specially made helmets.”

And Eli’s response?

“It’s SHOCKING that a helmet doesn’t fit you. They didn’t have a double XL helmet for your forehead?”

The two even had NBA legend Charles Barkley on, and asked him what position other NBA legends could play in the NFL. Peyton asked him what position Larry Bird would play, and Charles delivered a HILARIOUS response:

“No there’s no place for no slow 6’10 guy in the NFL.”

TOUGH scene for Bird.

I could get used to these guys putting on a show every single Monday night.

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