VIDEO: Rodeo Clown Gets LAUNCHED Into The Stands By Angry Bull

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“Space Cowboy” has a whole new meaning…

I’m all for safety, but let’s be real… many of us go to rodeos to see dudes get bucked off of ginormous bulls.

It really does take some nerves of steel to go out and do that kind of shit, but honestly, rodeo clowns needs to have some brass ones too. Occasionally, you’ll have a few rodeo clowns get the wrong end of a stick while trying to coral a huge bull, and honestly, it seems like a pretty thankless job.

Imagine having to get in the way of a runaway freight train of a bull, trying to calm it down, or just distract it enough to give the rider some time to get clear. And the glory? You get none.

I’m not sure you could pay me enough money….

At a recent rodeo, a rodeo clown’s worst nightmare came to life in the worst way possible.

After the bull had just bucked off its rider, the rodeo clowns came to the rescue, or at least tried to…

One nearly got trampled by the big beast, and for the other… it got even worse. The bull literally threw him into the stands, and rumor has it, he still hasn’t hit the ground.

I mean, it sent the dude to the MOON.

Cue up the Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen

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