Jamey Johnson Crushes Cover Of David Allan Coe’s “The Ride”

Is there a more talented, yet over-looked artist in country music than Jamey Johnson?

Despite a quickly doused false alarm about a new record, new music from Jamey seems to be nowhere in sight. I’ve now been relegated to finding videos from live performances I’ve never seen, like his cover of Patsy Cline’s “I Fall To Pieces”.

Well, I’ve found another.

Playing at Indian Ranch in Webster, Massachusetts, Jamey and his band played a rocking cover of the David Allan Coe classic “The Ride,” featuring a crazy-good steel solo to end it.

Released in February 1983, “The Ride” was the lead single from the album, Castles in the Sand.

Adding to the allure of Jamey Johnson is his hair and beard, I mean I know he’s always had it but it looks like neither have seen a comb in a year or a barber in 10. What a legend.

Of course, despite being such a great songwriter himself, we know why Jamey covers so many songs during his live shows. It’s all about passing on the history of country music:

“Without people like me out there covering their songs, they just stop. If nobody was singing Johnny Cash, there’s a whole generation that would grow up without Johnny Cash. And if you ask me, that’s not gonna be a good world.

The young artists today… it’s important they learn those songs, it’s important that they pass it along. That you pay respect but that you also pass along the ministry of those important singers.

They had a lot to say that matters.”

As always, I really hope we get some news on new music soon, but until then, this is pretty solid.

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