Bryson DeChambeau Proves Once Again Why Nobody Likes Him On Tour

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Keyur Khamar/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

Alright I’m done.

You know, I always gave Bryson DeChambeau the benefit of the doubt. Yes. he’s garnered a reputation for being annoying, and just an all around weird dude (can’t forget the Brooks Koepka beef), but I’ve always thought he meant well.

Now, I think he might just be an asshole.

DeChambeau went into a six-hole playoff with fellow PGA Tour pro Patrick Cantlay at the BMW Championship on Sunday, and I’ll admit, the guy should’ve won the damn thing outright.

Bryson shot a blistering score of 60 on Friday, missing a seven-foot putt on 18 to shoot an all more impressive 59.

Fast forward to Sunday, and he missed a makeable birdie putt on 18 to win the tournament, and was forced to face Cantlay in a sudden-death playoff.

Negative attention was shed towards the oddball once again when he was caught on the microphone, telling Cantlay this:

“Patrick can you stop walking.”

Everybody knows that you aren’t supposed to walk when somebody is about to hit a golf shot because it can be distracting, but the man wasn’t even remotely close to him. Not even in the same time zone almost. There’s no way a pro golfer should be distracted by a guy taking baby steps yards away.

The playoff went a staggering six-holes, and DeChambeau continued to miss putts that would’ve sealed a victory for him, but it was Cantlay who made a long putt on the sixth playoff hole to win the tournament.

You could see the obvious displeasure in Bryson as he went to shake his fellow tour player’s hand.

It was quick, and he hardly looked the winner in the eye.

Now I’ll be the first to say, nobody is happy to lose a golf tournament like that, but at the end of the day, you have to show some class, and DeChambeau neglected to do so.

He keeps digging this hole deeper and deeper, and before you know it, he may be more disliked than the world-renown PGA Tour cheater, Patrick Reed.

But at the end of the day, whether he’s liked or disliked, he’s bringing some eyeballs to golf, and you can’t complain about that.

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