Golfer Patrick Reed Met His Wife After He Went On A Date With Her Sister & She Ghosted Him

Patrick Reed and woman wearing white shirts and blue hats
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Patrick Reed… your story just keeps getting sadder and sadder.

The PGA golfer is not very well loved on the tour to say the least.

He’s notorious for being caught cheating, he got kicked off the Georgia golf team after teammates accused him of stealing from them (although he still claims it was because of an alcohol violation), he’s not personable to other guys on the tour, and he banned his family from coming to his tournaments.

Fellow golfer Kevin Kisner had this to say about him in an interview:

“They all hate him– any guys that were on the team with him (at Georgia) hate him and that’s the same way at Augusta. I don’t know that they’d piss on him if he was on fire, to tell you the truth.”


And now, according to the New York Post, we know that Reed met his wife Justine after being ghosted by her sister.

Yep, that’s right. He couldn’t get one of them, so he had to go for the other:

“I was a freshman at the University of Georgia, and her younger sister, Kris, was at LSU. Kris came to visit, and we went on one date, and I texted her to confirm she’d made it back home safe. No response.

So I reached out to Justine on Facebook, who confirmed her sister was back and got frank with me about why it was probably not going to work out.

So I start talking with Justine, who I discovered is this incredibly driven person who was pursuing dual degrees while working to become a nurse. We kept talking as a couple of years went by; then we started dating. Best decision of my life.”

Tough scene Patrick, tough scene. It’s hard not to give this guy hell… I mean, he always brings it upon himself every week. But hey, it sounds like he’s happy, so I’ll give him that.

That’s gotta be awkward at family gatherings though… knowing you went on a date with you sister-in-law.

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