Yellowstone’s New “Life According To Teeter” Video Is The Ultimate Teeter Highlight Reel

“Your name Peter?”

If you’re still catching up on Yellowstone before the premiere of Season 4, first of all, you better hurry your ass up. Second, you might not have met Teeter quite yet, but make no mistake, she’s a hoot.

First appearing in the second episode of Season 3, Teeter is a tough-as-nails ranch hand with an accent that’s thicker than molasses. So much so, her character brings an element of comedy to the bunkhouse, simply for the fact that nobody can understand her.

Chock full of great one liners, perhaps one of her more memorable scenes is when she encounters Rip and Lloyd for the first time, and let’s just say, “Teeter” isn’t exactly the easiest name to comprehend.

She’s quick to correct them…

For more of her best lines, check out “Life According to Teeter,” the ultimate Teeter highlight reel.

Yellowstone Season 4 is officially set to premiere on November 7th, featuring a special two-episode double feature.


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