Brantley Gilbert Shares Unreleased Song “Gone But Not Forgotten” After Death Of 13 U.S. Troops In Afghanistan

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Jeff Nelson

Man, it’s still pretty hard to put into words…

Anger, sadness, frustration, heartache, even hopelessness… I can come up with a few generic nouns to describe the feelings circling around in my brain, but overall, I still can’t understand how it all went so wrong.

Politics aside, 13 Americans gave their lives, knowing full well that after they worked to evacuate as many people as they could, both Americans and Afghans alike, the country would be handed over to the Taliban.

And then on August 26th, 2021… an ISIS suicide bomber, with the press of a button, made it the deadliest day for the U.S. military in Afghanistan since 2011.

A number of country music artists have spoke out, voicing their support and condolences for the families and friends, their heartache for the lives lost, and even their anger surrounding this tragedy.

However, others have turned to music.

Brantley Gilbert shared an unreleased song called “Gone But Not Forgotten,” a tribute to the

“13 brave American heroes made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom this week. In hard times like this, I always find myself turning to music.

I wrote this song a while back as a tribute to all of the folks we’ve lost, both overseas and in our own communities here at home. Wanted to share it with y’all in hopes it might resonate with someone who needs to hear it right now.”

And while I’m the first to admit that this style of song isn’t exactly my favorite, nor is Brantley Gilbert (for the most part) my cup of tea these days… I can’t argue with the words of bridge:

“Here’s to all the some gave alls, the ones who don’t come home, the ones that do, those 22 that die fightin’ the same damn war. Gone but not forgotten.”

Here’s to those 13… gone, but never forgotten.

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