Survey Finds The Average Number Of Beers It Takes For Each State To Get Buzzed And Texans Are Putting ‘Em Away

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There’s no better feeling on this planet than being “right in the slot.”

For those who don’t know what that means, on a “drunkness” scale of 1-10, 1-4 means you ain’t feeling much at all, and 6-10 means you’re on your way to blacking out.

However, “right in the slot” is a perfect 5, meaning you have the IDEAL buzz going. The good kind of drunk. The cut up with the boys, and constantly bob your head to the music type drunk. We ain’t talkin’ rip-shit.

Heaven on Earth.

A recent study conducted by Upgraded Points, involved surveying over 2,000 Americans to figure out how many beers it takes to get to that perfect 5, “right in the slot.”

The data shows that the average individual needs about 3.49 beers to catch that perfect buzz. However, it’s crazy to see the broad range between the highest number of beers it takes in a state, to the lowest.

Of course, everything’s bigger in Texas, as their average is a whopping 5.17…

Then you have Colorado, with a stunning average of only 2.11. They say that the thin air out there “gets you drunk quicker,” but that just sounds like a great excuse to me.

I’d just like to brag on my home state of South Carolina for a second. Our average is 4.83.

Of course, the entire thing is completely subjective and only around 2,000 people were surveyed, but still… not too shabby for lil’ old SC.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock