On This Date: George Strait Releases “The Chair” In 1985

We’re in the midst of a monumental country music bracket, featuring all 60 of George Strait’s Number One singles (plus 4 “play-in” songs).

As I filled mine out, I found myself sweating over each matchup, because let’s be honest, the King don’t ever miss with a song, by God. That’s why he’s the King.

I mean honestly, how can you pick a best one? It’s simply an impossible task.

But personally, in my top five… his 1985 hit “The Chair.”

In fact, the song was released exactly 36 years ago.

Written by Hank Cochran and Dean Dillon, the song was the first single off of Strait’s iconic Something Special album in 1985.

Dillon recalled the night it was written, as he and Cochran were pulling an all-night songwriting bender, and next thing you know, Dillon strummed the first few chords and boom, “The Chair” was written in 20 minutes.

Here’s to the smoothest line of all time:

“Well, excuse me, but I, think you’ve got my chair…”

Turns out…

“It wasn’t my chair after all.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock