Chris Young Teams Up With TikTok Star To Leave Massive Tip For Downtown Nashville Musicians

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That Chris Young, he’s a pretty good dude.

It’s no secret that the last year has been hard on musicians in Nashville, many of whom were out of work for months when bars and music venues were shut down.

These are people who work mostly for tips, and a lot of times have to get side gigs to supplement their income while they try to chase their dreams.

Well thanks to Chris Young and TikTok star Lexy Burke, a couple singers in Nashville got a nice surprise in their tip jug.

If you’re not familiar with Lexy and her @lexylately TikTok channel, she uses her platform to collect money from her over 1 million subscribers and passes it on through massive tips to musicians, servers, Uber drivers, and others in the service industry.

And recently, she teamed up with Chris to give a little something extra to two musicians playing at Fifth + Broadway in downtown Nashville.

As Chris says in the video:

“I know a lot of people have that dream. I’ve been blessed so much in my career. We’re going to go find somebody playing music and bless them today.”

In the video, Lexy starts off the surprise by dropping $1000 in the tip jar. Then she requests some Chris Young music from the shocked musicians before she pulls off another surprise and brings in Chris himself.

Chris then matches Lexy’s tip “since there’s two of them,” giving the duo a grand total of $2,000, before the singer on stage hands off his guitar and lets Chris hop up for a performance of his latest single, “Famous Friends.”


@chrisyoungmusic saw what we were doing and wanted to match a tip for a musician! 😭❤️🙏🏻 #nashville #musiccity #newmusic #venmochallenge #dream

♬ Paper Birds – Jordan Halpern Schwartz

I love this kind of stuff, people using their platform to make the day of others who sometimes go unrecognized and underappreciated.

And it’s always cool to see the good guys in country music helping out people who are chasing their dreams – just like Chris was back in the day.

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