Toby Keith Recorded “Oklahoma Breakdown” For New Album ‘Peso In My Pocket’

Toby Keith country music
Richard McLaren

Showing love to those Oklahoma roots.

In a recent interview with Audacy’s Katie & CompanyToby revealed that he has a new album on the way. After writing a ton during the pandemic Toby figured it was about time to put out a real studio album.

Titled Peso In My Pocket, it features songs written by John Prine, Sammy Hagar and more, and in addition to his current single “Old School,” it’s also going to feature a cover that I’m pretty pumped about.

Toby is gonna cut one of my all-time favorite Friday night drinkin’ songs, “Oklahoma Breakdown,” made famous by Stoney LaRue.

Originally written and recorded by Mike Hosty, it went on to become a #1 for Stoney on the Texas Country Music chart in 2007.

“I re-recorded a song that was kind of a regional thing back 15-20 years ago, a local kid wrote it, and I always wanted to cut this song.

And while I was running in the morning during the pandemic, I would listen to different stuff and I thought ‘you know I always wanted to record that, do it my way’ and see I could make a bigger hit out of it.

It’s called ‘Oklahoma Breakdown’ he came over and played his signature slide guitar lick on it. So he came over to my studio and I let him be the solo guy on the song so it’s pretty cool.”

Of course, Stoney is a staple in the Oklahoma Red Dirt scene (you wouldn’t know it by the way it’s discussed in the interview) so I’m not sure if fans are gonna love the idea of Toby cutting this song, or hate it, but as someone that blasted this song just about every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and perhaps Sunday from 2007 to 2015, I’ll admit that I’m excited to hear it.

Peso in My Pocket, hits shelves on October 15th.

And speaking of Oklahoma Breakdown… true story…

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