Kolby Cooper Makes Major Label Debut With ‘Boy From Anderson County’ EP

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Gabriel Muniz

If you’re not on the Kolby Cooper bandwagon, you’re already late to the party.

Recently signed to Broken Bow Records, the 22-year-old Texas native is ready to take the mainstream country music scene by storm with the release of his debut major label EP, Boy From Anderson County.

Featuring the previously released lead single “Excuses,” the 6-song EP gives listeners an all-encompassing look at Kolby Cooper. From the breakup anthems to the introspective “Way To Go,” and the middle finger that is “Her Favorite Songs,” there’s a little something for everybody.

Written by Cooper, Jameson Rodgers and Brent Anderson, “Good For You” is a song for anybody who is watching an ex move on from them. They’re in a better place, but of course, you’re not quite there yet.

“Good For You”

“Her Favorite Songs”

I love the spite of this one.

It tells the story of a guy from Kolby’s hometown (perhaps an ex friend) that wound up on a different path than Kolby.

Talking shit along the way, he opted for the safe route… college, steady job, 401k. He’s stable but miserable and that misery is compounded by the fact that his girlfriend loves Kolby’s music.

“This Song Don’t Make No Sense”

Kolby recently joined us on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast talking everything from writing heartbreakers as a happily married man, to blacking out with Koe Wetzel, playing private shows (AKA some rich guy’s house), performing at bars underage, beer-drinkin’ foreign exchange students, high school football, the struggles of being a Yankees fan, and more.

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