Hold Onto Your Horses… There’s A Willie Nelson Docuseries In The Works

Willie Nelson

For anybody who may be suffering from the rare, yet deadly Tuesday scaries, let me brighten your day a little bit.

Blackbird Presents and Sight Unseen have teamed up together to create a documentary about ol’ Shotgun Willie himself.

Emmy and Grammy award-winning filmmaker Thom Zimney and Academy award-nominated and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Oren Moverman are co-directors for the upcoming documentary about the legendary country star.

The documentary will be split up into a docuseries titled, Willie Nelson And Family, as filming is currently underway at Nelson’s documented hotspots, Austin, Maui, Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York.

Nelson’s longtime manager Mark Rothbaum and founder and chief creative officer of Blackbird Presents Keith Wortman are stoked about the project:

“Telling Willie’s story has been a lifelong dream of ours, and we feel privileged to realize this dream with Thom, Oren, and Sight Unseen.”

Thom Zimney and Oren Moverman also detailed their excitement as well:

“Words like ‘honored,’ ‘excited’ and ‘humbled’ don’t come close to describing the way we feel about being entrusted with telling Willie’s story. And what a story it is!

We are celebrating the music, the career, the long road, the family, friends and history. But, more than anything, we are piecing together a narrative – one never before seen in its entirety – about an extraordinary man with a unique ability to bring people together; folks of all races, orientations, genders, political ideologies and musical leanings.

These days, we sure could use the healing powers of Willie Nelson.”

We’ve all heard the tall tales and legends about the now 88-year-old country star, and it’ll be badass to see those stories portrayed through the eyes of Nelson and his family.

I can’t wait.

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