Florida Landscaper Saves A Man’s Life While A**hole Neighbors Yell At Him To Get Off The Lawn

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Sometimes, being a hero can be a thankless job.

According to FOX 5 New York, Palm Beach, Florida, police are calling a lawn care worker a hero for saving a man’s life, even though neighbors yelled at him while he did it.

Tony was walking to work when he saw a man having a seizure last Monday in Palm Beach County.

The man was in his car while he was having the seizure, and it began to roll down the street.

Tony quickly ran up to the car and grabbed the fender to keep it from rolling any further, and the car finally stopped in a lawn, but the doors were locked and the window was up as the man was seeing his life flash before his eyes.

Tony screamed for help, when the owners of the property where the car went to rest walked outside and started yelling at them:

“Get off our lawn.

Get the man out of here. Have him die somewhere else.”

Tony then realized he knew where the man lived, and ran to the house and got his wife to dial 911.

After the man received help and recovered from the terrifying seizure, he called the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office and asked for Tony’s phone number:

“I want to talk to Tony. He saved my life.”

On Wednesday, the man and his wife went and found Tony and gave him a hug, as he thanked him for saving his life.

As happy as this story is, you can’t help but think about the kind of unbelievable scumbags living in that house where the man fought for his life with the help of Tony. Imagine being so selfish that you would rather see somebody die so you can have a few more minutes of peace and quiet.


We don’t even have that kind of basic human decency and we’re supposed to agree on complicated issues like politics? Good luck…

Tony, you’re the real MVP.

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