Georgia Man Arrested For Selling Duct Taped Iguanas Out Of The Trunk Of His Car

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In a shocking twist, this story is actually about a Georgia man… not a Florida man.

Based on the headline alone, I would’ve bet my life this was the doing of Florida Man.

Although the duct tape iguanas that Dayniel Del Toro Mendez was trying to sell in a parking lot for $10 each were captured in Florida.

The perpetrator owns a “pet shop” in Norcross, Georgia, and he reportedly tried to sell live iguanas that were restrained by duct tape to customers in the parking lot. According to WSB-TV 2, the man had up to as many as two dozen iguanas in the trunk of his vehicle.

Police reports indicate that Mendez did not know what he was doing was against the law.

“I guess it was his impression it wasn’t an illegal act. 

The iguanas were tied up. Their legs were tied with duct tape in a non-ventilated area, which could cause them to die.”

All 22 iguanas have since been untaped and removed from the vehicle and either adopted by reptile friendly families or sent to animal rescue groups.

While taping up iguanas and trying to sell them out of the back of your car is illegal, hunting them in Florida is now.

If you’re looking for a way to get your hunting skills sharpened up this summer, then check out the wild world of Florida iguana hunting.

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