Koe Wetzel & Snoop Dogg Plan To Hit The Stage Together: “That’s What We’re Gonna Do Next Time”

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Not gonna lie, I’m starting to anticipate these Koe Wetzel vlogs more and more every week.

For one, it’s a glimpse inside the full-throttle lifestyle of an unapologetic Texas country rocker, who can have a good time anywhere.

Two, you never know what they might see or who they might meet week in and week out.

Koe and his team kick things off on a high note at the beginning of the video, as he signed for a brand new house. He was then gifted with an early birthday present, as his boys got him a brand new Rolex.

I’d say those are a couple of W’s right there.

However, it keeps getting better.

The crew hits up a Snoop Dogg concert in Texas, and they jam out to all sorts of classics, from N.W.A to some Snoop Dogg originals.

And then, some of Koe’s guys make a few phone calls, and the 12 of them end up getting to kick it with the rap legend for a little while. And how does the video close out?

It appears that Snoop Dogg wants to get on stage with Koe.

“We gone have to… you can’t tell me all that shit and I don’t get to see. 10,000+ tickets a night, quit playing with me. So that’s what we gonna do next time, you heard?

We tryin’ to get on stage together man, I’m tryin’ to see if y’all are lying or telling the truth… can we make it happen?”

Sounds like Snoop is impressed, eh?

For real though…

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A beer bottle on a dock