Flatland Cavalry Features Hailey Whitters On Heartfelt Song “Meantime” From New Record, ‘Welcome To Countryland’

Fernando Garcia

Flatland Cavalary just released and incredible new album, Welcome To Countryland.

There’s so many good songs on it to get into, but one of my early favorites is their song “Meantime,” which features the very talented up-and-coming artist and Iowa native, Hailey Whitters.

Frontman Cleto Cordero posted a photo of the album cover on the band’s Instagram page with a lengthy caption about how much went into this record both during and in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic:

“After a summer of sparse contact (outside of weekly Zoom meetings), I met up with Jason, Jon, Reid, Wes & Adam, who had also spent their time diligently working on their musicianship, and we began to bring these songs to life.

This album is a snapshot of all the sounds and stories from all the landscapes traversed, the friendly souls encountered and the emotions experienced throughout our seven year journey through this “Countryland” we all call home.

It is a celebration of life, love and loss and as always: Easy on the Ears, Heavy on the Heart.”

This particular song starts off with a nostalgic, vintage sounding piano playing as if it’s background noise that almost sounds like you’re sitting in church.

Then, it transitions to Cleto chiming in with his verse about learning how to enjoy the “meantime” in life, even when things aren’t going exactly the way you want and you feel left behind by any given life experience.

It was written by Cleto and another awesome artist in Lainey Wilson, and it also features some beautiful fiddle and steel that pairs absolutely perfectly with both Cleto’s and Hailey’s voices.

Yup, this about sums it up…

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