Lainey Wilson Did A Little Saltwater Fishing In Alaska

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One of the brightest young stars on the country music scene was recently in Alaska for a show in downtown Anchorage.

Turns out Lainey Wilson wasn’t lying when she said she knows how to catch a fish in her hit song Things A Man Oughta Know. She probably even actually knows how to bait a hook too, unlike a lot of men she might know…

From the looks of her Instagram account, she got out on the water to enjoy some of the world class fishing opportunities that Alaska has to offer.

The Louisiana native pulled what appears to be a pacific halibut and quill-back rockfish into the boat on what was bound to be an amazing day of fishing. (The angle of the fish made them somewhat hard to identify, so forgive me if I’m wrong.)

“I can hook a trailer on a two inch hitch. I can shoot a shotgun. I CAN CATCH A FISH.

Loved you Alaska, thanks for singin’ along!”

If you haven’t jumped aboard the Lainey Wilson bandwagon yet, then figure your shit out because her most recent album is one of the best musical projects of the entire year so far.

There is not a bad song on the entire record, and beyond the seriously poignant lyrical depth of songs like Things a Man Oughta Know and Saying What I’m Thinking, other more upbeat tracks like LA and WWDD (What Would Dolly Do) reflect the sense of humor and fun-loving outlook on life that are on the verge of making her a full blown country music super star.

“… Big heart, big smile
Big voice on the radio dial
Like a country music modern day apostle
Yeah, I leaned in like it was gospel
That’s the bottom line for me
My go-to compass and my golden rule
When life rings my southern bell
I just gotta ask myself, hell
What would Dolly do … “

And be sure to check out both of her appearances on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast.

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