VIDEO: Minnesota Wolf Pups Scampering Around Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

Just when you thought the video of a wild little wolf pup trying to howl was the most adorable thing we’ve ever posted to this website, we’ve got a new contender for that crown.

A trail camera in Voyageurs National Park in Northern Minnesota recently captured not just one little wolf pup, but an entire litter of pups scampering around their den.

Wolves in the park are monitored closely by the Voyageurs Wolf Project.

“The Half-Moon Pack had the largest litter of any pack this year with 8 pups.

The largest litter we have ever documented was 9 pups so this was pretty close to the record!

A large litter of pups does not necessarily translate into more wolves in that pack come winter. The pups have to run the “summer” gauntlet, so to speak, of surviving low food availability/starvation, avoiding disease, and evading predators. Case-in-point: the Lightfoot Pack had 7 pups last year but all of the pups died.

We know that a few pups died of starvation and one was killed by the Half-Moon pack. We are not sure what killed the others but suspect starvation.

And so the Lightfoot Pack remained only a breeding pair this winter despite their large litter. We will see whether the Half-Moon litter fares better!”

Friggin’ adorable.

This isn’t the only litter of wolf pups creating a buzz though.

Earlier this year, the first litter of wild wolf pups born in Colorado since the 1940s was confirmed by the Colorado Department of Parks & Wildlife.

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