Alan Jackson Raises $2 Million With Hometown Benefit Concert, Rocks The Crowd With “Chattahoochee” And “Good Time”

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Alan Jackson went back to his hometown of Newnan, Georgia, along with Chris Young and Caylee Hammack this past weekend, to perform a benefit concert after an EF-4 tornado swept through the town back in March.

Of course, Alan being the legend as he is, performed a 22-song set, raising a whopping $2 MILLION for all of those who were greatly affected by the tornado.

While he played several of his hit songs, he had this to say to the crowd:

“It’s good to be back down here in my hometown. I’m from Newnan… My wife Denise is from Newnan. We were both born and raised here and all of our childhood and young adult memories come from this area.

When we saw what that tornado did coming through here a few months ago, it broke my heart. It broke Denise’s heart. We had relatives affected by it and friends. The high school that we went to got hit.

I was hoping we’d be able to do something to try to help down here. It’s just been amazing how this community came together to make this happen.

Atta boy AJ. You can take the man away from home, but you can’t take away home from the man.

And you already know, he had to play some of his certified twangers while he was on stage.

Enjoy a couple of the man’s greatest hits in live, down home fashion with “Chattahoochee” and “Good Time.”


“Good Time”

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