‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Rumored To Premiere… In OCTOBER?

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It’s pretty well known that Yellowstone fans are pissed off right now. Historically, the show has aired in June, and with the cliffhanger of a Season 3 finale, we just want to know what the hell is going on.

We don’t know when it’s going to premiere, but we haven’t even received a Season 4 trailer yet, so it’s safe to say that we’re AT LEAST a month away from the premiere, but it’s much more likely that it’ll be longer.

Fans across the globe has been peppering the rumor mill with theories, but nobody seems to know anything for sure. Many have said that COVID pushed things back, which makes sense, COVID pretty much pushed everything back. Others have suggested that Paramount Network doesn’t want to compete with the Olympics so that would mean the show might premiere sometime in late August/early September.

Also, based on Montana-area casting calls, it looks like they had to film a few more scenes this month.

However, this latest churning of the rumor mill has the show set for… OCTOBER!?

According to the popular celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi, an Instagram account known for people sending in encounters with celebrities as well as other day-to-day celebrity gossip. Usually, these “tips” come from people that claim to be close to the situation… friends, assistants, nannies, or maybe someone that just served them at a restaurant.

Is it reliable? Of course not, anybody can send their “tips” in if they’d like. And while there seems to be at least some sort of vetting process for a modicum of accuracy, there a number of disclaimers saying that statements are “not confirmed” and they make claims that information shared us “factual.”

So that being said, this is purely just a rumor, but here it is:

“Anonymous please!! I have a friend who works at the Network and apparently is was meant to be June but got pushed to at least October.”

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Now like I said, this could be complete bullshit, but it’s starting to feel like it won’t be anytime soon, right?

The Olympics theory is starting to feel accurate, the recent filming, and the lack of any type of teaser is making it feel like we won’t be seeing Season 4 for quite some time.

And at the end of the day, it’s pretty common for shows to start airing in the fall. In fact, historically many shows like to premiere in the fall since people are home more, advertisers are looking to spend their ad budgets before the year ends, etc… but either way, this summer is looking less and less likely and fall is looking more and more promising.

Which sucks…

I hope I’m wrong, I hope this stupid gossip account is wrong, and I hope this entire article is all for nothing. I want my ass is parked on the couch watching the premiere of Season 4 before the summer ends, BUT… I’m losing faith…

Stay tuned… we’re all in this together.

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